Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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  • I've made changes to my site, but they are not appearing

    It is sometimes necessary to force a page to refresh to see your latest changes. If you are using Windows, press CTRL-F5 on your keyboard. If you are using a Mac, hold the shift key down and click your browser's refresh icon. If refreshing the page doesn't work, you may need to restart your browser and your computer. Please also note that your Internet Service Provider may cache your site for a couple days. You may also try a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome to view your changes.

  • How do I make my new site "live"?

    When we initially created your account, it was assigned a temporary URL address. To use your permanent address (, set your Nameservers (DNS) in your domain registrar control panel. Please refer to the setup email we sent for the nameserver values and instructions. Once you have set your nameservers, your site will be live within an hour or two.

  • How can I improve my search engine results on Google, Yahoo, etc.?

    Your new site will be "found" by the search engines within a week or two of going live. The search engines will look at 3 primary areas to determine where to put you in the search results for your keywords:

    1. Content on your main page. Be sure to include keywords in your Introductory text to include your services, "Residential Property Management", and the areas or communities that you serve, for example, "Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas".

    2. The age of your site. The longer your site is in operation, the better your rankings will be.

    3. Links to your site from other sites. The search engines will award you with "credibility points" if other sites link to you. Be sure to have your site listed on related Real Estate directory or professional affiliation sites.

    You may also submit your site manaully to Google using this link: Google site submit

    Here is a simple explanation of Google's methodology: How to Improve Your Site's Google Ranking

  • How do I determine where the forms on my site will be sent?

    Use the "Edit Form Submission Email Addresses" function in your Content Manager to determine where each form is sent. You may also CC to additional email addresses.